Foundations Collapse

July 8, 1994, Fillmore, CA (Joe Pugliese- photographer)

The city of Fillmore, located approximately 30 miles from the 6.7 Northridge’s quake epicenter suffered some of the most severe damage compared to other cities of Los Angeles County. The rural and agricultural based town with its historic downtown Main Street, lined with turn-of- the-century brick buildings and craftsman houses was decimated by structural failures and fires. The city, which had just undergone extensive renovations before the 1994 earthquake, saw vintage houses suffer collapsed foundations, while nearby mobile home parks were ravaged by fire. A total of five hundred buildings, including homes, were destroyed by the earthquake and sixty-one had to be torn down, costing the small rural city around 50 million dollars in damages. After the quake, houses such as the one pictured were left untouched for the next six months. In the aftermath, the city of Fillmore was able to use the Northridge earthquake as an opportunity for improvements and redevelopment.

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