January 17, 1994, Santa Clarita, CA (Al Seib - photographer)

The 6.7 magnitude Northridge earthquake shook the entire San Fernando Valley at 4:31 am on January 17, 1994, with an epicenter in Reseda, near Northridge, CA. The Newhall Pass Interchange, the junction where the Interstate 5 (Golden State Freeway) and Interstate 14 (Antelope Valley Freeway) meet, collapsed during the earthquake’s 20 second tremor and its following aftershocks. Multiple sections of the 5 and 14 freeways in both the northbound and southbound directions collapsed on one another, and onto San Fernando Road. Ironically, the Newhall Pass which had recently been rebuilt and reinforced from the 1971 San Fernando earthquake, broke apart in almost exactly the same location as before. As a result of the massive damage to multiple freeways in Los Angeles, transportation in California was deeply impacted for many months. It took over a year for the Interstates 5 and 14 to be completely repaired and the Newhall Pass was renamed the Clarence Wayne Dean Memorial Interchange after deceased LAPD motorcycle officer, Clarence Wayne Dean.

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