Without a Face

January 17, 1994, Northridge, CA (Joel P. Lugavere - photographer)

The Northridge Meadows apartment complex, located on Reseda Blvd. around two blocks from California State University, Northridge and approximately two miles from the epicenter of the Northridge earthquake’s 6.7 magnitude tremor was one of the most adversely affected locations of the many scenes of devastation throughout Los Angeles County. To the horror of sleeping residents, when the earthquake hit in the predawn hour of 4:31am, sections of the 163-unit apartment complex’s top floors flattened in on itself completely crushing what was previously the first floor and trapping countless victims under debris. The Northridge earthquake resulted in 57 deaths and over 9,000 injuries. Of those 57 deaths, 33 were a result of structural failure, and of those 33, 16 were victims of the Northridge Meadows apartments, making it the site of the highest number of concentrated deaths due to the destruction of the earthquake.

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